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LED Video Panel

Using LED Walls for Events

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a type of visual technology that can be explained as a series of miniature lights. Much like pixels on a digital screen, each light forms a building block of the overall image. The end result is a large, bright, and visually striking medium that enables images, videos, and messages to draw and hold attention. Since there is always a need for captive audiences, LED wall systems are put to use across a number of different events.

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What Events Can Use LED Wall Rentals?

LED walls are best analogized as high-tech billboards. As you might imagine, this gives them myriad potential applications. Any one of the following events can make use of an LED wall:

  • Trade shows

  • Concerts

  • Product launches

  • Weddings

  • Charity galas

  • Award ceremonies

  • Conferences

  • Meetings

  • Anniversaries

  • …and more!

Advantages to Using LED Walls for Events


LED walls are far from the only type of visual technology available, so it is understandable if people wonder why they should use LED in favour of conventional screens or even a normal billboard. The answer is that LED walls are capable of a level of customization and flexibility that few other visual technology options can match.

“Flexibility,” by the way, is meant both literally and figuratively here. LED screens can be used to create truly engaging and imaginative designs from wrap-around “goal posts” to truss towers to stage backdrops and more. You can get customized LED banners to curve around a booth, chain together smaller screens to create massive, unified images, and more.

Regardless of how many screens you use or what type, LED walls can be controlled from a single computer. This reduces the hassle of coordinating and managing the screens in use by your event and makes it easy to change displays on the fly.

Why Choose Lumina Event Lighting for Your LED Video Wall Rental in Los Angeles?


Lumina Event Lighting & A/V rentals are dedicated to “Creating Event Magic” and this shows in every service we offer. Our LED walls, which can be rented in the greater Los Angeles area, are no exception and we strive to provide memorable, engaging services with each rental, such as:


  • A wide selection of LED walls in different configurations and sizes so that you can find the perfect match for your occasion

  • Easy installation and talented ground support to make sure the screens are compatible with the venue and any media devices (laptops, speakers, etc.) that will be used

  • Skilled support staff to offer speedy service during the lead up to and execution of your event

  • Talented on-site technical help to manage and troubleshoot the display

  • Affordable LED video wall rentals that can be customized to fit within your budget



For more information on Lumina Special Event Lighting & A/V Rentals and the unique additions we can bring to your weddings, corporate events, or other occasions, feel free to contact us at (213)699-9069 or at

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Lumina offers the finest in Video Wall rentals in Los Angeles. Please call us toll free at (213)699-9069  for more information or email us rental

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