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LED Moving Head

Our professional lighting equipment will illuminate your stage allowing clear visibly of your presenters or performers. Our inventory consist of the latest in Stage wash lighting, Conventional lighting, LED Lighting and Moving lights.

Up Lighting

LED Uplighting is one of the most common forms of lighting effects used for events such as weddings, corporate functions and productions.

Rechargeable Par Light

Battery-operated Par Led Light with a built-in D-Fi transceiver even more flexible and powerful.

Moving Head Beam

A powerful and feature-packed moving head beam fitted with a 100W LED. Easily generate complex looks using the fixed gobo wheel that includes a unique animation effect to create additional dramatic looks.

Follow Spot

LED Follow Spot that emits a tight beam powered by a bright 120 W LED to highlight actors at far distances.

String Lighting

We do all sorts of cafe string lighting, also called bistro string lights, over open-air weddings and events.  This creates an event space in the absence of a tent and provides both functional and beautiful lighting at the same time.

Theatrical Lighting

Our lighting and video equipment is backed by tremendous service and support that allows it to outshine the rest. From maintaining our automated fixtures and projectors with certified technicians, to cleaning and testing our lenses and each piece of cable after every show.

Audience Blinder

Audience blinder and strobe with four high-power 100 W COB LEDs housed in independently focusable pods. It’s the go-to-choice for high energy automated strobe effects and its smooth 16-bit dimming curve facilitates incandescent-style fades

Gobo Projectors

Gobo lights create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks – even sides of buildings! – by using patterns  or logos to project light in specific designs ranging from the wildly abstract to amazingly true to life. Customize your gobo… signs… even monograms in color or just white for any celebration you can imagine.

UV Black Light

UV is a brawny blacklight cannon fitted with 40 UV LEDs emitting 150 watts of blacklight power. The unit is designed without a fan and its silent operation combined with its flicker-free output make it ideal for video use.

LED Glow Balls

Illuminate any room, swimming pool, or patio with our amazingglowing sphere and create a magical atmosphere. Once the integratedbattery is fully charged let it brighten your room, float in yourpool, hang as a lantern, or stick into your grass in the backyard.

Disco Ball

We have the largest selection of mirror balls in Los Angeles. We have multiple pieces of most of the sizes. A great effect is creating a constellation of different sized balls

LED Strobe Light

high-impact LED strobe light featuring four zones of control. Eye-popping built-in effects and chases pre-programs can be triggered via master/slave, DMX mode or the optional IRC-6 remote


Lumina's team brings years of engineering experience in the areas of rigging, trussing and automation, to every project.An in-house staff of engineers, product designers, and software developers create cutting-edge rigging and automation components and systems for both rental and installation projects.

Custom Truss

We engineer innovative automation and winch systems, as well as design trussing for a wide variety of applications. Whether working with custom or stock product, Lumina has the experience to provide the best means of lifting, flying or transporting

Event Lighting  Rentals Los Angeles

Lumina offers the finest in Special Effect equipment in Los Angeles. Please call us toll free at (213)699-9069  for more information or email us @

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